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Trade promotion

Developing and implementing marketing strategies, branding, trade fair participation, partner search and matchmaking

Centre of Excellence smart agriculture Moldova

Study tour for acquaintance with Dutch best practices in smart agriculture, Moldova (2023)

Innovating the value chain of Palestinian olives

Olive oil value chain development in the West Bank, Palestinian Territories (2022-2026)

Climate resilient fruit sector Vietnam

Value chain development in the Mekong Delta (2020-2024)

Export Facilitation Georgia

3 days training for SMEs in the fresh fruits and vegetables business - Georgia (2023)

Agribusiness development West Georgia

Scoping mission with Wageningen University & Research - Georgia (2022)

Orange Knowledge Program Egypt

Capacity building in climate smart agriculture (2020-2022)

Sector survey and matchmaking Georgia

Business opportunities and matchmaking Netherlands - Georgia (2021)

Sourcing fruit and vegetables in Ghana

Fresh fruit and vegetables import promotion for IPD (since 2019)

Value chain improvements Jordan

Strengthening fruit and vegetables trade in international markets (since 2017)

Contract farming and cooperation Jordan

Encouraging farmers and businesses to deepen horizontal and vertical cooperation (2021)

Export development Lebanon

Value chain study to identify market windows for Lebanese fruit and vegetables (2016-2018)

Trade program in the Palestinian Territories

Identification and formulation of trade options for the West Bank and Gaza Strip (2019)

Modernization horticulture Vietnam

Improving cultivation and postharvest through knowledge development (2014-2021)

Agro Park Kazakhstan

Development of an Agro Park in the southern Turkestan region in Kazakhstan (2018-2019)

Export coaching Vietnamese fresh fruit

Training and coaching SME's in the south of Vietnam to improve their export performance (2015-2017)

High Value Crops Gaza & West Bank

Program evaluation and value chain analysis in the Palestinian horticultural sector (2012-2016)

Market development NethWork

Market development in Central America with a Dutch horticultural cluster (2012-2016)

Marketing Palestine Crops

Marketing consultancy for high value crops in the Palestinian Territories (2012-2016)


Horticultural business matchmaking (since 2010)

Fruits & vegetables Eastern Europe and Balkan

Training and export promotion fruit and vegetables (2010-2015)

Export coaching fruits & vegetables

CBI Export Coaching Programmes fresh fruits & vegetables (2004-2009)

Flower auction market strategy

Market strategy consultancy for Flower Auction East Netherlands (2006)

Export coaching cut flowers

CBI Export Coaching Program fresh cut flowers in Uganda and Zambia (2004-2006)

Export coaching young plants

CBI Export Coaching Program young plants in Central America (2003-2005)