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Recent projects

Flowers and ornamental plants Georgia

Seminar program for flower producers, traders and retailers (2018)

Marketing strategies CAREC countries

Developing strategies to facilitate horticulture value chains towards international trade (2017-2018)

The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) countries are strategically located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, having the potential to increase trade across central Asia substantially. In the last three decades, trade in high value products, such as fruit and vegetables, has had the highest increase as compared to other food products in Central Asia. However, the highly perishable character, the food safety risks and the border crossing challenges, raise serious hurdles and inefficiencies. 

Horticulture Center of Excellence Moldova

Feasibility study Centre of Excellence Taul (2017-2018)

Agro-logistics Eastern Indonesia

Strengthening agro-logistics and trade of perishables (2017)